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Undertook the clinical teaching task for military undergraduates. In 1978, it was approved as a master's degree student authorization point. In 1980, he began to receive master's degree students. In 1986, he was awarded a doctorate degree. In 1987, he began to recruit doctoral students. In 1995, he was allowed to recruit postdoctoral fellows. Since the transfer to the local government in 2004, the Department of Gastroenterology has undertaken the theoretical teaching and clinical studies of clinical medicine under the Southern Medical University, eight-year clinical medicine, international undergraduate clinical medicine, preventive medicine, stomatology, video engineering undergraduate, and undergraduate economics. Teaching. In the past five years, 54 graduate doctoral students and 85 graduate students have been trained. At present, there are 143 postgraduate students, including 42 doctoral students, and 6 outstanding graduate students have been sent to overseas famous universities for advanced studies and research projects. In 2015, 15 graduate students were awarded with outstanding graduate students from Southern Medical University and 4 were awarded state scholarships. In the past five years, 239 students from all over the country have been enrolled, including 90 from other provinces.